About us

About the inventor.

I was born in the United States to immigrant parents with English being my second language. Overcoming adversity was a constant way of life for me. I worked hard to support my mother and put myself through college. I learned to be resourceful and creative early on and this taught me valuable lessons. Setting goals and aspiring to achieve them has been a way of life for me.

Product motivation.

Throughout the year, people fly flags on their homes, in their gardens, backyards and walkways to demonstrate patriotism, observe holidays and special occasions. Due to a life event, every year I celebrate my children by flying their birthday flags. Since flags are not easily visible at night, my product motivation stemmed from my desire to illuminate their birthday flags to shine brightly at night.

Over 1,000 selectable light themes and Bluetooth music too!

Our Movement.

My journey to develop The Original Solar Flag Lamps began in October 2018 and in 2023 I am finally prepared to deliver them to you.

I am committed to raising awareness of parental alienation. We will seek to support reputable organizations in the future that provide aid to children in rebuilding their relationships with their alienated parents.

Follow us to see FlagLamps create the perfect ambiance of outdoor spaces.

Our Community.

See how our FlagLamps are being used to celebrate special people, causes and occasions. We can't wait for you to join Our Community too. Learn about announcements on Our News blog.